Riding Lessons with Anna.

It is a wonderful thing to see an FEI horse competing in his prime- the best training on an impeccably bred Warmblood, guided by a talented rider, and brought along with all the advantages.

For me, the real question is how much dressage training can help off-the-track Thoroughbreds, smart Arabians, or whatever horse you ride now. The magic of dressage is the balance, relaxation, and strength it provides for any horse, at any age, and in any discipline.

Because isn’t pleasant responsiveness in a horse always the goal?

Lessons with me are firmly rooted in the principles of Dressage; training relaxed and forward gaits, responsiveness and balance for the horse and rider. I combine this with natural horsemanship, communicating in the language of the horse, for a partnership of confidence and pleasure. I take horses and riding very seriously, but I do it with humor and lightness, because horses like happy riders.

Training with me comes with this warning, “You write the check, but I work for your horse.”

I work on a freelance basis, providing lots of options for the client. You may haul to my facility or I can come to you. Lesson frequency and duration are up to the rider; we work at a pace suitable for you and your horse. I work for your goals, whether you want to improve your basic riding communication skills or move in the competition world. Riding lessons will challenge you, but not past your abilities. Timid riders are welcome.

Lessons are $40.00 per hour, plus travel out of my local area. Contact me for more information and a lesson time. I look forward to meeting you and your horse.




20 comments on “Riding Lessons with Anna.

  1. I love your philosophy – if only you were a little closer (to Europe, so me and my Spanish delinquent could come to you for training!!)…..but, as the next best thing, I look forward to following your blog. I so agree with your tip that the best beauty enhancer is to stand next to a handsome horse – mine’s a grey too!

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  3. eremophila says:

    Fancy a trip to Australia sometime? :-)

  4. Kerry J says:

    “You might write the check, but I work for your horse.” LOVE this!!

  5. Sandy filippi says:

    Amen. Every horse deserves to be kindly and correctly ridden. Every instructor should understand what you have so clearly stated, as should the owner. Sadly, I have lost students after advocating for their horse.

  6. I love this post! As a hoofcare provider, this way of thinking is very valuable. It’s still amazing to me how many horse owners will call their horse a “turkey”, “butthead” or some other derogatory name for daring to have an opinion and attempting to voice it. Often it’s preferred for me to work alone – just the quiet of me and the horse.

    Do you have a post where you share more about your obstacle course? I started daydreaming about putting in something like this. I have an ultra-sensitive, smart-smart-smart mare that I think would love it. She doesn’t want to be ridden, doesn’t want to leave the property, but does want to interact and play!

    • Anna Blake says:

      I recommend this book:
      The Horse Agility Handbook: A Step-By-Step Introduction to the Sport Paperback
      by Vanessa Bee
      There are great tips, some obstacle designs and lots of photos. I like her approach to groundwork too! Have fun!

  7. Maryanne Phillips says:

    Hi Anna
    Just wondering if you are ever planning to come to Perth Western Australia. .. i would love to host a clinic if you are interested


    • Anna Blake says:

      Well, what fun that would be. Right now I don’t have plans for international travel… hard to figure out the money part on that one… but I am considering some online ideas. I’d be partly live then…;)

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