Infinity Farm Grounds Crew

Introducing the Infinity Farm Grounds Crew…

It has been brought to my attention, already, that I might not have given acknowledgment to the small people, err, donkeys, who are the true unsung heroes around this barn — the ones who work on, not at all without ego, encouraged by a woman who perhaps has worse taste in hats than me. That is quite an accomplishment in and of itself. Obviously, we have great pride in our Grounds Crew, seen here dragging the arena.

Please meet Ernest and Chester. Ernest (gray) is a rescue donkey who has been with us for 8 years. He came here an abuse case no one could get near, and went on to bring home blue ribbons from every obstacle class he has shown in. Chester came as a baby, he had a mini-bison look about him that stole our hearts. They pull carts individually and as a team, we take trail ‘drives’ all summer, do church gigs, and finally, maintain this elite dressage facility that we call home. Whether dragging the arena or moving hay, you can expect them to do a quality of work that is nearly inspirational. They are driven by Lisa Crispin, my friend, and a lovely upper-level dressage rider who had one look at Ernest and took a turn. A left turn, to a whole new compulsion. Our ‘lady in waiting’ donkey is Edgar Rice Burro, a spotted standard donkey. He is rather new here and getting his harness this spring. Look forward to hearing more about Edgar.

In our global world there is much talk of sustainability, and we have that in spades here. Friendships, traditional methods, and a healthy sense of humor are all sustained with style and grace. We use our finite resources creatively, and ‘green’ is the way. Thanks, Lisa. Thanks, Donkey Boys. It takes a village.

One comment

  1. 3/20/2010 12:27 PM Lisa Crispin wrote:
    Awww, Ches, Ern and I are so proud to help, and so happy to be part of the Infinity Farms family! Edgar might put us to shame when he goes to work, he is twice as strong!

    3/21/2010 8:45 AM Satin wrote:
    I can’t wait to see/hear more about Edgar! I miss him still, and probably always will, but I loved him enough to give him the better home with Chester and Ernest. And you! Sorry I don’t come visit more but when I do I end up crying to leave him again. Scritch his ears for me!

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