Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope


Usually this topic would have me think of the babies around the farm, but not this year. I have two older dogs with health problems, one has the prefix “end stage”. Several outside animals are showing their age, like the Grandfather Horse. Being mindful of his mortality is a pinch and an ache, all the time. Simple actions become fine art in such a precious time.

I have a HOPE -as immense as an old horse’s heart- that this time of life is kind to all of us.

Anna, Infinity Farm.

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

  1. deb

    I can’t tell you how much your comments touch my heart, Anna Blake. I look forward to your blog like I look forward to Blue Mountains Thought for the Day. You really get it.

  2. Samantha W.

    I love reading your blog, it always makes me smile and think about my horses and dogs. I lost my Grandfather Horse almost 2 weeks ago, the hurt is still a constant but getting better. Thanks again for your blog.

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