Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall


My muck cart is blue, with perfect balance and foam-filled wheels, and I prefer wooden handles on my muck forks. I wrote about my love of mucking in my blog last friday, but I didn’t mention that my favorite part is the wall around my muck cart.

I know mucking isn’t for everyone, and I’m sad about that.

Anna Blake, Infinity Farm.


  1. I find mucking therapy relaxing… unless the wall around the muck cart decides to knock it over… sometimes they do enjoy watching me re-muck…

  2. OK – finally someone other than me doesn’t mind horse manure!!! I love to clean stalls and everyone around here thinks I’m crazy! it is the BEST therapy!

  3. I look forward to dealing with horse poop every day! This is great exercise and therapy without joining a gym. I tell my coworkers that if they lived with me for a while they wouldn’t have to worry about their gym memberships as they would burn enough calories doing that and all the other farm work involved with having horses. I love it!

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