What Is Home?

Yes, it’s a book review, but I couldn’t help myself.


untitled-0136(Rascal, at home)


Stable Relation: A memoir of one woman’s spirited journey home, by way of the barn


Anna Blake

When friends ask me why I like to read memoirs I usually say it’s because I’m the curious sort. Perhaps that’s just another way of saying I’m nosy, but there you have it. I like to read about how other people have navigated the challenges they’ve met in life. Because we all have them, you know. Some memoirs do a great job of telling you about everything that went right or wrong, but fail to really explore the nuts and bolts of the journey. That’s not a criticism; everyone tells their story their own way and for different reasons. But I happen to be most fond of the memoirs that tackle the grittier stuff. The stuff that makes you have to put the book down and really chew…

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  1. Great review!
    So well written, without giving anything away. Another good writer to follow.

  2. Lovely review! I hope you keep linking to them as they get posted (and they will!). I love to hear another reader’s perspective, we all take things in with subtle differences. Getting to read how someone else absorbed your words, gives us yet another perspective on this wonderful book.

    • Jane, that is certainly true for me, I’m very curious what people take away. Amazon has a couple of great reviews right now and I would embarrass my self saying thank you if I knew who wrote them… and then I see the book differently.

  3. Hi Anna! I really love reading your blog and would like to read your book but I am in the UK and I am BOYCOTTING AMAZON as they are not paying their UK taxes nor treating their staff properly here! Can you tell me if I can get it from anywhere else yet as I cannot find it listed anywhere else on an internet search? THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    • I would boycott them if I could… You should be able to go to your local bookstore, after July 15th and they can order it from Ingram. They are the biggest book distributors internationally, and get it pretty quickly. Your bookstore will know the name. I don’t know if you have Barnes and Noble there, but they have it as well, by order.

      And if none of that works, I’ll mail you one. 🙂 Thank you.

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