Photo Challenge: H2O


A thread flows
affirming life
with a humble reminder
that we’re made of light and mud.

It’s the spirit given
our daily chores that
lifts us to the sacred path
of dreams and magic
and a wholeness greater than we know.


Anna Blake at Infinity Farm
Horse Advocate, Author, Equine Pro
(WordPress Photo Challenge is a weekly prompt to share a photo–I enjoy twisting these macro prompts to share our micro life here on the Colorado prairie. My photos are taken with my phone, on my farm. No psych, definitely not high tech.)


19 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: H2O

      1. Sherry Walter

        I do too, they give a framework and rhythm to the day. When I don’t have to do chores I don’t accomplish much else either!

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  2. lytha

    For some reason years went by without me appreciating filling a trough. Recently I’ve found it to be my favorite outdoor task. The way the sparkling clean water swirls and reflects and the way the animals come over to appreciate it even before it’s full (and chew on the hose), the time it takes that makes me pause and look around. Tonight I was doing something else so I just left the hose in there and the moment it was full I regretted not standing there enjoying it.

    Now that it’s cool out, my animals have taught me to bring them hot water every day to drink. Bath-water hot. They love it – check it out:

    1. Sherry Walter

      hahaha, I think that donkey was just being a brat! “I’m gonna drink it all so you can’t have any”, notice he quit drinking as soon as the horse lost interest!

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