A Word from My Publicist (Cover Reveal)

Anna Blake: The Print Version.


My name is Edgar Rice Burro. I’m the publicist for Prairie Moon Press. I got the job because I have the loudest voice, and I’m not afraid to use it. Also, I’m not afraid to tell humans what to do. I’m helpful that way. 


I am the human and I used to think I had a thin veneer of control on this farm. I might have been exaggerating.


My human finally took my advice and put my handsome face on a book cover. She’s slow on the uptake, but she gives a good ear rub, so I’m patient with her. This book will sell like cold carrots on a hot day.


I do the hard jobs for Prairie Moon Press. I wrote the book, for instance. I paid for everything. He just came in at the end and brayed about it. Like it was all his idea. Okay…

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  1. Hi Anna, is this book available now? I of course have to have it, especially since Edgar is the publicist..

  2. Anna – I can’t wait! You know I am going to need a few of them – signed!
    With Edgar as the publicist, they should sell like sugar coated carrots! He truly IS irresistible. So are your books!

  3. I, too am interested in the newest book. Please let us know when we can order it. (Or them, as the case may be)

  4. Such talent and wisdom could be used in Washington right about now. If only he had run for president, we’d be in much better shape, and I’d be sleeping a whole lot better!

    • I’m going over the final proofs right now, and then it will be available everywhere online (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, itunes, etc.) or from me. Probably a couple of weeks, I think. Thanks for your interest. I’ll announce it here.

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