Photo Challenge & Poem: Tour Guide

Peeping through a knothole in a pine fence,
a wind-worn cheek pressed to splintered wood.
Craning to watch a small girl in a handed-
down green t-shirt and blue jeans, scuffing

rubber-capped tennis shoes toward the
dairy barn. She’s dragging a play-train,
three cardboard boxes strung together
with dirty twine, stuffed animals riding in

each box. Her voice carries; she’s talking to
an old border collie in a manner so familiar
that my chest aches, closer than kin. Crooked
bangs, cut too short. The girl pauses when

the middle cardboard box catches on a weed
and the gabardine seal goes tail up. She gives
the twine a sharp tug to right the box and
the train rolls on. Hey, tomboy, safe journey.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm
Horse Advocate, Author, Speaker, Equine Pro
Currently planning upcoming Concept Clinics. 2018 is filling quickly; please contact me here if you would like to host a clinic or attend one. Check out our entire clinic schedule here.

Tour Guide


  1. I feel I’m right there, watching with a heart filled with love for this little girl. I have know her – maybe even more than one of her.

  2. Anna, I have been following you silently for a while. Forgive the intrusion, but this speaks of such a moment, I want to say, ‘Psst. green t-shirt girl, you caught the seal but you dropped the donkey!’ My wagon train always lost the donkey. Might be why I have five on my ranch, now, and how I love your windows that look in to our spaces.

    • Wonderful comment, thanks and I do chuckle. I didn’t know donkeys back then, stuffed or otherwise. Give those longears a scratch from me, and welcome. Glad to have you with us, Motherdecker.

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