Travel Blog Photo Challenge: Airport Story

Australia Verson: It’s all about me.
Me at the Melbourne airport.

Me waiting for my flat white, teenager in line ahead of me.

Me at the Sydney airport.

Me. I can’t find my passport.

Me at the Brisbane airport.

Tell Edgar, Preacher, and the Dude Rancher I’m coming home.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm
Horse Advocate, Author, Speaker, Equine Pro
Currently planning upcoming Concept Clinics. 2018 is filling quickly; please contact me here if you would like to host a clinic or attend one. Check out our entire clinic schedule here.



  1. I am laughing! I particularly like the photo of “you” searching for your passport! Built-in pockets certainly are handy.
    Everyone at Infinity Farm eagerly awaits your return, I know. I hope you can easily get your time, (by clock and by season) straightened out, and be sure to drive on the correct side of the road.

    • Thanks. I was howling at my cleverness in the Brisbane airport, pulling this together. Home now and all is well. Think I’ll let the roads rest a bit, though.

  2. Gave me a laugh 😊 …thanks for visiting us Anna and hopefully you can’t wait to experience those moments above again lol

  3. Wow, what a trip you had! You made it read so interesting and fun.

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  4. Love the photos. Wishing you a safe journey to home and all your beloveds. … hope we get to hear more about your travels and clinics !

  5. Glad for you that you’re back on home turf, but sure hope you’ll be back again before too long. Did you get to experience a wombat I wonder?
    I’m back near to a herd of Icelandic ponies I knew in Victoria. Your methods has got thinking about one of their troubled boys…..maybe…
    Looking forward to reading more about your impressions of this place.

    • Thanks, Annie. I did see a wombat. I did not get to “experience” snakes, so I’ll be back. 🙂 Good luck with the Icelandics, if you have the chance.

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