Photo Challenge & Poem: Rather

Lying in bed, head deep under,
the covers folded so it’s dark
and warm, and just a thread of
fresh air creeps in through a

slim wrinkle. A pillow carefully
crushed to cradle my neck just
so, sleeping dogs warm the length
of my spine. Outside the wind

pushes fast and loud; the winter
tree twists and sways and slaps
back; branches in an angry wrestle.
Agitated twigs clatter and snap,

but deep below crevices in the bark,
past rings of age, the heartwood
eases out a restful sigh. Roots
hold steady, let the cold wind run.


Anna Blake at Infinity Farm
Horse Advocate, Author, Speaker, Equine Pro
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  1. The very best description of the very best sleep a human can have. At least in my book.
    No wonder bears hibernate.
    Living in Texas, it’s a rare experience. Your words put me there. I can feel the weight of the quilt….

  2. Lovely poem to the wintry world♥️ I think I’ll build a fire. Thank you for your words and images Anna!💕

  3. I have a friend fortunate enough to be wintering in Panama during a very bitterly cold Virginia winter season. She sends me “Sorry you’re so cold” emails. My latest reply:
    “No flies
    No mowing the lawn
    No pulling weeds
    No using the weed whacker
    Life is good!”
    And, Being where my critters are is where it’s at!!

  4. Your blogs always strike a chord within me. This one is especially timely as I take a deep breath in the final sentence. Thank you.

  5. Timely and so personally relevant. Cold wind blew all night. One schnauzer under the covers and his two sisters on top of covers. All safe from what blew outside. You described it perfectly.

    • Yup, we slept through the same night. I cut out the stanza about the terrier mix who digs under the covers. Not you though! 🙂 Jean, you crack me up.

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