Horse Prayers Book Release

Book Release!

Anna Blake: The Print Version.

Horse Prayers, Poems from the Prairie is available July 5th!

It’s a collection of poetry from a small farm on the Colorado prairie; tiny stories in simple words, praise for the beautiful fragile land, and love poems to horses. This is a 106-page book of poetry and photography, a softcover mini-coffee table book.

Some heartfelt, some humorous, these poems are a howl to the prairie wind. I’m a woman on a farm, wonderstruck by this simple life with its plain beauty; the comfort of daily chores and bittersweet sunsets. Even my words can’t look away.

And the horses.  This “gray mare” isn’t over that girlish phase. None of us are, so I write love poems to horses, putting words to this equine passion that powers a central part of our lives. What is it that pulls us so fiercely to horses?

In the work I do as a trainer and…

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  1. oooh exciting! it seems i can only get kindle here in hte uk and i need a harcover…? do i get that from you or will it be here in hardcover soon in hte uk?

  2. Yippee!!!Congratulations! I’ll get the ebook soon and get my signed hard copy when you come back here😀

  3. It looks beautiful. As Chris says it is definitely one to have on the shelf, in my mind. At my vintage I like to be able to get my hands on the hard copy! Look forward to being able to get it in the UK.

  4. I know this is a beautiful book. How could it not be? I totally trust the acceptance of your “final proof reader”. I have saved many of your poems. I look forward to having a collection in book form. As with your first three books, this one will be a perfect gift for friends and family. Signed copies?

  5. Well done! Congratulations you old gray mare! One big sigh from another old gray mare. Ill be ordering my signed copy. =-)

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