Photo & Poem: Sanctuary

Moving like a newborn, narrow body
swaying on spindly legs, but stumbling on
hooves so long that you must push weight
back to your hind, spine roached to a hard

arc, sun-bleached mats in your dull coat
stretched over an angled skeleton, sharp
hips, exposed ribs. Eyes aged by exhaustion,
keeping your gaze low, braced against this

cold desolate world on a summer day.
Neglect is a lie told against the casual
beauty and abundance of this planet;
a cynical sin of omission. There is food

enough, none here would deny you,
recognizing a shared wasting place within
us. In offering you sanctuary, we save
ourselves, held in the care of each other.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm
Horse Advocate, Author, Clinician, Equine Pro
Consider my latest book, Horse Prayers, Poems from the Prairie.


  1. “Neglect is a lie”
    That’s for certain
    I don’t suffer liars readily or easily. I have a really tough time with that kind of ignorance.

  2. Thank you for representing, and caring for, those that can’t speak for themselves. Its an ugly truth.

    Just the photo makes me catch my breath.

  3. Ohhhh…she just breaks my heart. Bless her heart. So thankful to Colorado Horse Rescue and you Anna for saving her. She knows she is in a good place now. =-)

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