Photo & Poem: Stetson

Sweat-stained pinch front Stetson,
the flat color of sand, perched
over straight eyebrows. I asked
after the swayback sorrel grazing

out with the yearlings behind
the barn. The man looked down,
shielding his eyes below the brim,
a quiet voice, “He was the kind

of horse you could get along with.”
Thin lips lingered above the rim of
a coffee mug, if there were more
words he thought better of them.


Anna Blake at Infinity Farm
Horse Advocate, Author, Clinician, Equine ProBlog/FB/Email/Author/FB/Tweet/AmazonPlanning our 2019 clinic schedule now.Email for details or to be added to the email list.


  1. Simply lovely.

    Take care,Sheri

    Our clearest vision of ourselves and others comes from being with a horse.

  2. You certainly draw a picture. It touched my heart. I am starting to get this poetry thing. I guess I needed the right subject. Beautiful as always.

  3. Yes, it’s true….horses make me want to be a better human being. Your words always touch my heart Anna♥️

  4. Witnessing seems to be one of the more important jobs we humans can do to give life meaning. And you’re so good at it, I feel so glad to see the world through your words.


  5. This one stopped me in my tracks. I rode with an old cowboy for 15 years. Many found him unapproachable, but his heart was tender in contrast to his bluster. He cried like a baby when he retired his horse and made arrangements for the horses care. Shortly after, he decided to leave this world and its unavoidable heartaches behind. Your poem today defined for me how hard it is for ALL of us to care and deal with those consequences.

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