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Relaxed and Forward; A Horse/Life Blog is my quest to understand and explain the deep and powerful connection between horses and humans.

Awe is the word that best describes what I feel about horses.  After an entire life with horses, I continue to be awe-struck by them daily; spell-bound by their intellect and humor, by their strength and physicality, by their breath on my cheek.

Part of the awe of horses is their fragility also. From their first steps to the geriatric years, everyday we have with them is a kind of victory over the impossibility of their beauty and frailty.

The beauty of a horse is the sum of his bravery and vulnerability. Maybe that beauty is what we humans aspire to emulate.

We also share our home barn with llamas, goats, ducks, and Edgar Rice Burro, our moral compass. And of course a few dogs and cats. You can expect them each to creep into my writing from time to time.

My name is Anna Blake and I’m an equine professional, author, horse advocate, and proud member of the herd at Infinity Farm, on the Colorado prairie. I train horses and riders equine communication skills and dressage, and I write parables about horses and life.

It is just like man’s vanity and impertinence to call an animal dumb because it is dumb to his dull perceptions.  ~Mark Twain

22 thoughts on “Blog Dedication

  1. Hi Anna,

    I just spent some time perusing to wonderful blog. I laughed out-loud at Mr. No Regret Billy Goat and the story of Hobbit was really touching. Actually several of your posts brought tears to the edges of my eyes. What wonderful work you do. I love horses but wouldn’t call myself a horse person. My family and friends were calling me the dog whisperer long before Cesar. My husband and I rescued two eight week old puppies about three months ago. Thank you for guiding me into the minds and hearts of your horses, through yours. I am looking forward to more. Leslie

  2. Maggie Frazier

    Anna, “found” your blog today after reading the article you sent to Habitat for Horses re: Abuse = when do you speak out.
    I live in NY – not physically involved with horses anymore – had my boy put down 12 years ago. He was the light of my life for 16 years. Now I live vicariously thru blogs like yours & others. Still get Equus magazine & read it from cover to cover! Your blog adds another window into the horse (and animal) world!!!

  3. Hey Anna, great to find your blog. My daughter has a cross Andalusian/Quarter horse and spends most of her time in the High Country of Victoria working for a trail riding company. Horses are her first love and mine a second (after my family). Look forward to checking out more of your gorgeous blog. Cheers from Australia.

    1. Hi Miriam (and your daughter), nice to meet you. I think we share a love of writing and the outdoors, as well. Thanks for coming along and I look forward to reading along on your blog as well. It makes the world a friendlier place!

      1. Hey Anna, thanks so much. So happy we’ve connected. I haven’t met too many bloggers out there that are as passionate about horses. We’ve just come back from driving Tash (daughter) to the High Country for another weekend of work with the horses. Lucky girl!

  4. Lynne Hall

    Hi Anna! I came across your blog rather by accident on Facebook and what a lucky accident it is! I am currently without a horse – to be honest, I am not riding at this time either – but I hope to one day have a horse of my own again. With that goal in mind, I remain a student of all who will teach me or explain how to achieve a better result a kinder way. My first horse was a joy, and he put up with many faults of mine due to my own ignorance, and in his patience and love I learned to seek a better way. I am inspired by the likes of Buck Brannaman & Craig Cameron; choosing to seek a soft feel that would render the western bliss I desired. I’m still chasing that, but I’m learning that Dressage can be for a horse what yoga is for a human. Your blog was a beautifully written, easy to understand and refreshing insight into a branch of riding I had previously considered Beyond Me. I am now inspired to tie dressage basics into my riding in the future and I would love to follow your blog consistently but am unsure how to achieve that.

    1. I’m never sure where dressage got scary, but thank you for giving it a chance. Because your horse will benefit the most! Thanks for the kind words. Hope you are back in the saddle soon.

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  5. Hey Anna, just reading and enjoying very much ‘Relaxed and forward’. Laughed out loud at your mothers comment about the lessons, people say that to me all the time and I’ve been riding for 50 years! I suffer from depression and my worst breakdowns have occurred when I was unable to ride. Our ponies might cost money but they keep us sane. thanks for your insightful thoughts.

    1. To Christine, who still “has to take lessons,” well, aren’t we the lucky ones. So glad you are enjoying Relaxed and Forward (and my other book might be worth a look-see, we might have even more in common.) BUT keep up the good work, horses and sanity; don’t want to give up either! Thank you.

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