Horse/Human Creation Story

The Horse/Human Creation Story:

In the beginning, humans ate horses. Some Neanderthals still do. About 25,000 years passed and one day a human—I personally think it was a woman—heard a voice in her head that she didn’t recognize. It was a deep soft voice, like Barry White, only 5,956 years too soon. The human looked for the cause of the voice and saw a horse—I personally think it was a white horse. The human was a bit unsettled, so the horse took a deep breath and exhaled, and sure enough, the human mimicked him.

The horse thought there might be a chance that this frail human had a soul, so he offered his help.

And that’s how humans domesticated the horse.


  1. […] Counter-balance against all those negatives and a few dozen more too complex or long-winded to list here, this one princely gift: Horses volunteer. It defies common sense, but horses (and dogs) choose to be with us. I’m skeptical that men domesticated them, I think it happened more like this, (read here). […]

  2. You may be interested in the Horse-Lakota relationship in the documentary: We Are A Horse Nation. Thank you for your beautiful work.

  3. I have just discovered your website through a friend – and thank you, so much for this wonderful post! I love your perspective, and look forward to reading more. I cannot wait to get a copy of your book.

  4. I think it was a woman who was the first to bond with a horse. After all, Epona is a horse godESS. I always imagine that it was a woman who took in an orphan foal. Maybe she had lost her own child and turned her loss and sorrow into empathy for another being who had suffered loss. Or a woman with an abundance of maternal love who felt sorry for the baby even if it was a horse instead of a human. The two bonded and we have been together ever since.

    • You are welcome to your theory! Yes. Truthfully for me it will always be a meeting as equals. Seriously though, maybe it’s because female energy is more similar to horse temperament. I’m speaking in generalizations, of course. But equestrian events are one of two Olympic events where men and women compete as equals, and a whole lot of the time we win. No accident. Thanks for commenting; I like to hear other thoughts.

  5. What a great little text. I certainly believe too that there are space for the opportunity that horse domesticated man and not the other way around. Love the story though!

  6. So excited to hear that you are coming SMART’s way next Jan! Just finished Stable Relations and really enjoyed it! Looking forward to welcoming you to our little slice of heaven in Sarasota…

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