Online Lessons and Phone Consultation

Training with AnnaTelephone consultations or online lessons for you and your horse.  A telephone consultation could give you a new perspective on a current challenge, as well as creative ideas going forward.

Video a ride or behavior, and upload the video to YouTube as unlisted (not public, but you can share the link.) Then we watch it “together,” discussing it in a phone call, over a free online phone service (WhatsApp, Zoom, or Skype), or I can write a response. Phone consultations without a video are also welcome.

Live online lessons are available if you have wi-fi in your arena and a camera set up. Live Chat on Facebook Messenger is one of several workable apps, and importantly, please share new methods. I’m curious about any possible technology adapted from other uses going forward.

New! Online Mentoring: A sharing and coaching program for like-minded trainers and equine professionals in live online sessions. Contact me for details.

Lessons are $65 US per hour, payable by PayPal, check, or bank transfer. Then, the really hard part, figuring the time-zone-math for scheduling. (US Mountain Time here.)

CONTACT ME to ask for more information and a calendar date. 

For locals in Colorado Springs area, dressage lessons and positive training groundwork sessions are available at Infinity Farm.  I look forward to all training opportunities.

Relaxed & Forward Dressage: 

Horse welfare, physical and emotional, come first. Lessons with me are firmly rooted in the principles of Dressage; training relaxed and forward gaits, responsiveness and balance for the horse and rider. I combine this with a special focus on listening to Calming Signals, the natural language of the horse, for a partnership of confidence and pleasure. I take horses and riding very seriously, but I do it with humor and lightness because horses like happy riders.

I work for your goals, whether you want to improve your basic riding and communication skills or move on in the competition world. Riding lessons will challenge you, but not past your abilities. Timid riders are welcome.

It’s a wonderful thing to see an FEI horse competing in his prime–the best training on an impeccably bred Warmblood, guided by a talented rider and brought along with all the advantages.

For me, the real question is how much dressage training can help off-the-track Thoroughbreds, smart Arabians, or whatever horse you ride now. The magic of dressage is the balance, relaxation, and strength it provides for any horse, at any age, and in any discipline.

Because isn’t pleasant responsiveness in a horse always the goal?