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pr-books-in-a-row-verticalWould you like a signed copy of one of my books?

STABLE RELATION: One woman’s spirited journey home, by way of the barn. ($14.95)

RELAXED & FORWARD: Relationship advice from your horse. ($14.95)

BARN DANCE: Nickers, brays, bleats, howls, and quacks: Tales from the herd. ($15.95)


FIRST: Priority shipping for either one or two books is $7.15. For three to sixteen books, priority shipping is $13.60.  (The total for all three books, plus shipping, is $59.45) I’ll inscribe the book(s) with you and your horses’ names and include bookmarks. Just add the book cost and shipping together, and send total payment to my PayPal link or contact me for the snail mail address.


SECOND: Then use the contact form below and let me know the name you’d like the book inscribed to and if you have a horse, let me know his/her name as well, along with any other information you’d like me to know. Ask for my mailing address if you prefer to pay by check.

If you are not in the U.S., I’m happy to send you a signed book, but it’s costly. Check this link to find my author page at your local Amazon online store (here). If you would like, I’m happy to send you a signed bookmark with the cover image on it.

Thank you very much!