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All books are available for purchase in paperback and ebook at all online bookstores  (Amazon here) Or if you’d like a signed copy, purchase on this page. Thanks!

Stable Relation 3D CoverStable Relation –A Memoir of One Woman’s Spirited Journey Home, By Way of the Barn is a memoir about the farm I grew up on, the farm I have now, and the horse that carried me in between. It’s the story of my bittersweet transition from a mid-life orphan to a modern pioneer woman, building an entirely different kind of family farm.

“When most women go through a mid-life crisis, they start a diet, get plastic surgery, or have an affair. My life went to the dogs…and horses…and llamas… and did I mention happy hour with the goats?”


Relaxed and Forward 3D Cover GREEN

Relaxed & Forward: Relationship Advice from Your Horse is a collection of essays on training and the horse world.

We’ve been besotted with horses since they had three toes. From the popular Relaxed and Forward blog comes training advice combining the everyday fundamentals of dressage with mutual listening skills. Blake writes with a profound respect for horses and an articulate voice for humans, blending equal parts inspiration and un-common sense. It’s serious training communicated with humor and lightness, because horses like cheerful riders.



Barn Dance. Nickers, brays, bleats, howls, and quacks: Tales from the herd.

What can a parrot teach you about horses? Have you ever thought your pickup truck was the perfect purse? Does a donkey exist with more scruples than Edgar Rice Burro? How did a Welsh Corgi get the name of Preacher Man? What should you do when the Grandfather Horse steals your goat? And when a neglected horse comes to the farm for fostering, who is it that really gets rescued?

You’ll find answers to these questions—and much more—in Barn Dance, a collection of essays on horse-play, donkey ethics, and the fine art of mucking, from a small Colorado horse farm.

All three books are available for purchase in paperback and ebook at all online bookstores  (Amazon here) Or if you’d like a signed copy, go to this page. Thanks!

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  1. I will try publishers first. I am a few thousand in for the edits and would like someone else to pony-up for printing and distributing. That said, eventually it might be…

  2. Just started Relaxed and Forward and what an amazing book! Thank you Anna Blake for sharing your thoughts and your passion for good horsemanship! Every story is a lesson…..about horses and about life. Love your writing!

    • Thank you, Linda. So glad you like it. (I am nearly required, as an Indie, to ask you to consider an Amazon review when you’re done. It keeps me in the search engines, and my publicity budget, well, you know.)

      Again, thank you for the kind words. I’ll go to the barn and share them with the one who deserves the credit. I wasn’t born this way, he wants you to know. He’d tell you I wasn’t even a quick learner. 😉 Good luck with your horse, give him a scratch for us.

  3. I’ve been devouring “Relaxed and Forward” as I delve into restarting my 9 year old (still green broke) gelding who was put on hold while my kids were little and doing ground work with my amazing 2 year old mustang who is becoming the second equine love of my life. I grew up with evil appy who both my riding instructors were afraid of. He had been started all the wrong ways and I tried all the wrong things but somehow we stumbled on a 30 year love affair that encompassed everything from three day eventing (still the best thing ever) to polo to roping ( yup I’m a sorry roper on a good day). But a dressage foundation laid by my second (and much kinder- from my horses point of view) riding instructor laid the basis for all the awesome things we tried during our lives together. I still mourn awesome (note the change from evil after we found common ground and he quit trying to kill everyone but me) appy. But your book (and I will purchase and buy your others) has reminded me to delve back into my dressage fundamentals with both my boys. And I love that you encourage people to play with their horses- that is how I introduce most new things to the boys- everything from tarps to tires to ropes and plastic bags are introduced at liberty in a spirit of play. Even my 2 year old mustang is well on his way to “bomb proof” because we find a way to have fun with things that could be scary. Thank you for the reminder that relaxed and forward is always the answer. (Nicky and Bandit say thanks too).

    • Thanks, Sarah, for giving the books a try and thanks for remembering that dressage is a good foundation of training for any horse. Good luck; it sounds like you are having fun. (Give the boys a scratch from me.)

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